Our services at pre-departure

It is crucial that transferees and their families are prepared as much as possible in advance for life in the new host location. Once they arrive in the Region of Waterloo, transferees need to become productive as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption from the disorientation they will experience as they adjust to their new setting. The better prepared transferees and their families are to cope with culture shock through supportive services, the less chance there is for disappointment and struggle.

  • Personal inventory: help transferees and their families consider how different aspects of their lives may be affected by the assignment to Kitchener-Waterloo or surroundings.
  • Orientation trip: introduce transferees and their families to different aspects of Kitchener-Waterloo or surroundings.
  • Visa and immigration: coordinate, in collaboration with our partners, the visa and immigration process.
  • Household pets: help ship your family's beloved pet into Ontario.
  • Moving of household goods: organise and oversee the entire removal and shipping process; and/or oversee the unpacking into the new house if required.